TF5000 | TC3 NC PTP 10 Axes

TwinCAT Motion Control PTP implements Motion Control for point-to-point movements in software. The axes are represented by axis objects and provide a cyclic interface, e.g. for the PLC. This axis object is then linked to a corresponding physical axis. In this way, the most diverse axis types with the most diverse fieldbus interfaces can be connected abstractly with the axis objects, which always offer an identical configuration interface. The control of the axes can be configured in various conformations (position or velocity interface) and various controllers. The axes are configured in TwinCAT Engineering.

Technical data TF5000
Target system Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Windows CE
Performance class (pp)
Ordering information
TF5000-00pp TC3 NC PTP 10 Axes
TF5010-00pp TC3 NC PTP Axes Pack 25
TF5020-00pp TC3 NC PTP Axes Pack unlimited