Compact Box

Compact Box

Compact Box modules are robust fieldbus stations for 12 different fieldbus systems. They offer a wide range of I/O functionality. All relevant industrial signals are supported. In addition to digital and analog inputs and outputs including thermocouple and RTD inputs, there are also incremental encoder interfaces available for displacement and angle measurement in addition to serial interfaces to solve a large number of communication tasks. The digital inputs and outputs can be connected with snap type 8 mm diameter plugs, screw type M8 connectors, or with screw type M12 pendants. The M12 version is provided for analog signals.

Special input and output channels on the combination I/O modules can be used for either input or output. It is not necessary to configure them, since the fieldbus provides both input and output data for each combination channel. The combination modules give the user all of the advantages of fine signal granularity.

The processor logic, the input circuitry and the sensor power supply are fed from the box supply voltage, the auxiliary power for the outputs can be routed separately. In this way it is possible to achieve cascadable emergency off concepts. In Fieldbus Box modules in which only inputs are available the auxiliary power supply UP can optionally be connected in order to pass it on downstream.

The state of the fieldbus connection, the module status, the status of the power supply and of the signals is indicated by LEDs. The label strips can be machine printed elsewhere and then inserted.

I/O connection for 8 mm connector

I/O connection for 8 mm connector, snap type, 3 pins

I/O connection for M8 connector

I/O connection for M8 connector, screw type, 3 pins

I/O connection for M12 connector

I/O connection for M12 connector, screw type, 5 pins

Digital I/O
Input Ø 8 M8 M12
24 V DC 8-channel
filter 3,0 ms
IP1000-Bxxx IP1001-Bxxx IP1002-Bxxx
filter 0,2 ms
IP1010-Bxxx IP1011-Bxxx IP1012-Bxxx
Counter 2-channel
up/down counter
24 V DC, 100 kHz
24 V DC, 100 kHz
Output Ø 8 M8 M12
24 V DC 8-channel
Imax = 0,5 A
IP2000-Bxxx IP2001-Bxxx IP2002-Bxxx
IMAX = 2 A, ∑ 4 A
IP2020-Bxxx IP2021-Bxxx IP2022-Bxxx
IMAX = 2 A, ∑ 12 A
IP2040-Bxxx IP2041-Bxxx IP2042-Bxxx
PWM 2-channel
PWM, 24 V DC, Imax = 2,5 A
Combi Ø 8 M8 M12
24 V DC 8-channel
4 input + 4 output
filter 3,0 ms, Imax = 0,5 A
IP2300-Bxxx IP2301-Bxxx IP2302-Bxxx
4 input + 4 output
filter 0,2 ms, Imax = 0,5 A
IP2310-Bxxx IP2311-Bxxx IP2312-Bxxx
4 input + 4 output
filter 3,0 ms, Imax = 2 A, ∑ 4 A
IP2320-Bxxx IP2321-Bxxx IP2322-Bxxx
4 input + 4 output
filter 0,2 ms, Imax = 2 A, ∑ 4 A
IP2330-Bxxx IP2331-Bxxx IP2332-Bxxx
combi input/output
filter 3.0 ms, Imax = 0.5 A
IP2400-Bxxx IP2401-Bxxx  

Analog I/O
Input     M12
± 10 V 4-channel
differential input, 16 bit
0/4 ... 20 mA 4-channel
differential input, 16 bit
Resistance thermometer 4-channel
resistance thermometer (RTD),PT100,
PT200, PT500, PT1000,Ni100, 16 bit
Thermocouples 4-channel
thermocouple, type J, K,
L, B, E, N, R, S, T, U, 16 bit
Output     M12
± 10 V 4-channel
16 Bit
0/4 ... 20 mA 4-channel
16 Bit

Special functions
Function   M12 M23
Position measurement 1-channel
SSI sensor interface
incremental encoder interface,
1 MHz
SinCos encoder interface
(1 Vss)

(11 µAss)
Communication 1-channel
serial interface, RS232
serial interface, 0 ... 20 mA (TTY)
serial interface, RS422/RS485