Let's print your ideas!


Santavilte, using Beckhoff Automation Hardware – servo and stepper motors, high speed EtherCAT intelligent I/O terminals,TwinCAT PLC NCI Software, has developed and successfully tested 4-headed 3D printer, which easily can be converted to CNC router. In total, three independent and one coupled servo axis for positioning and four auxiliary axis for plastic feeding are used. Sophisticated 3D prototypes can be printed from PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG, TPE up to four color plastics.


3D Printer1 

ABS and PLA plastics are wide spread and generally low-hazard material and presents low risks to health. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness within temperature range from – 20°C to 80°C. Now SANTAVILTE is offering small sized mechanical prototypes and 3D prototype printing service. This allows in very short type with minimal material and time cost to test ideas on software under real conditions. Let's print your ideas!


 3D Printer2

Direct execution of G-codes according DIN 66025 on multicore CPU leaves a lot of space for other tasks such as video processing for quality assurance, process optimization, CAD/CAM processing. Thank to TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation library various robot types such as 3D-Delta, SCADA, 5-D and 6-D kinematics can simply and quickly be realized for different tasks in manufacturing, handling and packing. Santavilte is open for wide range of cooperation in development of robots.


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In close cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and Mechanical Engineering companies SANTAVILTE is able to develop and implement different kinds of complex machinery lines and test benches. One interesting example of such cooperation is an automotive compressor test bench for compressor manufacturing company. This bench allows to measure compressor torque on the shaft, compressor vibrations in all 3 dimensions, very precise oil, air and coolant flow, pressure and temperatures.

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